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Spring at the Kentucky Welcome Center


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring...Where are you?

Spring is nowhere to be found.  30 degree temps and more snow in the forecast for several more weeks here.  Not an easy thing for us to live with as we are used to the coastal weather and the flowers starting to reappear about now.  We are missing Spring (and Summer, and Fall - I think it's just warm weather in general).
So, in a month from now, we are heading south to visit friends and family!  We are going to find Spring!  Lots to get done before then, but we are all ready to pull up our sleeves and get it done.  Lumberton, TX (Christine, thanks for the invite); an afternoon in Baton Rouge, LA; a weekend in Mobile, AL and church with our family there (Thanks Bentley's); then several days with my Mom and others in Atlanta, GA; Ocala, FL to see my Grandparents; the Creation Museum in Ohio/Kentucky; home.  Should be a great time of travelling!  By the time we get home, Spring should have found Missouri!

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