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Spring at the Kentucky Welcome Center


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally, Spring comes to Missouri

71 degrees and sunny today, it was a wonderful day to be outside.  The children decided to take their school work outside to complete.  It was  wonderful day!

What made it even more special, though, was spending time with my kids.  We had our first Tuesday Tea Party this afternoon at 4 pm.  I gave each of the kids an invitation to Afternoon Tea and let them play until time.  We had chocolate scones, fruit and tea.  Even the boys were excited!  My eldest son (6yo) asked me, "Mom, is it ok to talk at a tea party?"  I told him it was exactly what we were there to do - talk and spend time together.  I then asked him if he wanted to talk about anything in particular, to which he replied "Not really, I was just making sure of the rules."  What I saw today was how much my children responded, positively, to the little bit of effort I put into making something special for them.  They were so excited to use the silver and the good dishes - they even got to use some of Mommy's special tea cups.  They were delighted and delightful, with each other and with me. 

I thank God for the time He has allowed me to have with these 5 little blessings and pray that I will find more opportunities like today to share with  my children.  I pray that God will give me eyes to see all of the moments He sends me and to treasure the gift of TIME.

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