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Spring at the Kentucky Welcome Center


Monday, April 26, 2010

Field trip to Etowah Indian Mounds

On our trip to Atlanta/Florida, we decided to get a jump-start on next school year by visiting the Etowah Indian mounds.  I remember going there when I was the girls age for a field trip.  It was the perfect spring day!

Mud house reconstruction like originals found on site

Picture of original Etowah Indian complex.

Mound 1 (largest)

Kids in front of mound 1 (Chief's Mound)

View from top of Mound 1.

View of Mound 2 from top of Mound 1.

View of Mound 3 and Etowah River from Mound 1.

View from top of Mound 1 stairs (long way down!)

Kids and Grandpa at the top of Mound 2 (I wasn't climbing up any more stairs!)

Samuel picking wildflowers (and trying to eat them).
Miniature reconstruction of what the village looked like between 10th and 13th century.


  1. It was lots of fun. They've added a museum since I was a kid, so it's more interesting. The kids loved it. It was very neat to hear them making connections between life in the Middle Ages of Europe and life at the same era for the indians of the Etowah River - lots of similarities. I guess they've been listening after all!

  2. Fun the see that hey are actually learning something:) Of course your girls are brilliant anyway!! Looks like a great field trip.

  3. What fun. Weather looked wonderful. We'll have to add that place to our "one day" list. :)