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Saturday, May 1, 2010

And now there's yogurt!

Well, after some discouraging results yesterday I decided to learn from my first effort at yogurt making.  I watched so many YouTube videos on how to make yogurt, I thought I would dream about yogurt making last night.  But, all that work paid off.  After posting last night and watching all those how-to's, I went upstairs and tried again.  This time I was very careful with the temperatures, etc.  It took total time of 30 minutes from start to finish (this was cleaning the pot and all).  I wrapped that thing up and put it in my cooler overnight and woke up to yogurt.  It was pretty good right then, but it was really good after sitting in the fridge all day.  So, I think it would be a very easy thing to continue doing and would be really easy for anyone to add into their schedule - especially since most of the time is taken up while you're sleeping!

The best part about the whole thing was when we had yogurt parfaits for dessert tonight and everyone loved it!

On a related note - we had rice with dinner tonight and, for once, it turned out PERFECT!  Great day in the kitchen! (especially since I didn't spend even 2 whole hours there the whole day!)